Ultraviolet Disinfection Lamp for Household &

Small Office Environments

Take good care of your family and keep them healthy with the UVP36 disinfection for Households

Disinfectant rate 99.9%. Create clean environment for healthy living.

Viruses and bacteria are everywhere and your home is not 100% safe!

There may be a large number of viruses and bacteria in your everyday living space, and these are potential health threats!

Ultraviolet light disinfection is a better method. Compared with familiar disinfection methods using liquid and powder based disinfectants, ultraviolet disinfection lamps are widely used, extremely efficient and more convenient to operate. UV light does not only disinfect surfaces, air and water, but also:

  • Bacterial Infection - Pet mites, releasing bacteria when they die.
  • Highly Contagious - Viruses, including COVID-19 are known to last on surfaces for up to 3 days.
  • More Susceptible - The elderly, those with underlying health conditions and children have low resistance and are susceptible to illness.
  • Skin Allergies - Redness and itching caused by surrounding bacteria and viruses.



5 M²
10 M²
20 M²



What is UV and UVC?

Ultraviolet light is a form of radiation and an invisible part of the electromagnetic spectrum. It has a wavelength between 100nm-380nm. UVC with a wavelength of 200nm-280nm has proved to be the most effective disinfectant wavelength in the UV Spectrum. As we all know UV Light is also found in sunlight.

GUVI uses the ultraviolet spectral wavelength 253.7nm. This belongs to the short-wave UVC spectrum and is an efficient and better choice for disinfection!

Technical Specifications
  • UV Household Disinfection Lamp

Light Source - W
  • 36W

Light Source Lifespan
  • Max. 9000h

  • 100V-240V/50-60Hz
  • Max. 400mA

  • Touch keys + remote control

  • Anti-UV ABS and quartz glass

  • UV disinfection
  • 253.7nm

Cable Length:
  • 1.8m

  • CE, ETL, FCC

  • Small areas such as kitchen, bedroom, study, living rooms and office


  • Safety By Design - A motion sensor will detect any movement within 5 meters and immediately deactivate the lamp and sound an alarm.

  • Safe Start - 2 minutes delayed start with audible alarms. Once the disinfection time is set, the lamp will be turned on after a delay of 2 minutes allowing people and pets to leave the room.

  • Childlock Function - Double protection

  • Fall Protection - Auto Power Off - When lamp detects a movement of more than 45°, it will automatically power off, thus preventing heat damage to surrounding objects, should the lamp fall over.

  • No Ozone - Safe and harmless – Leave no residue, Note: Only when used in accordance with manufacturer instructions

  • Remote Control Through The Wall

  • High Quality Lamp

  • Quartz Glass Tube - Allows full transmission of ultraviolet light

Ultraviolet light can cause damage to eyes and skin. All personnel, animals and plants must leave/ be moved from the site during use.


  • Ultraviolet disinfection lamp products emitting UV-C at 253.7nm must only be used in an environment with no living things present (humans, animals, plants). Ultraviolet light may cause skin redness, itching, peeling, and eye conjunctive damage caused by electro-optical ophthalmitis. Never look directly at the lamp without suitable eye protection when it is powered on and emitting light. It is essential that all people and pets leave the room before the lamp is turned on and only re-enter the room after the lamp has been turned off/ has finished its disinfection cycle.

  • Ultraviolet has a degrading effect on many materials including plastics, paper and cloth. Exposure to irradiation over long periods of time may cause the surface of the irradiated objects to change color and or become more brittle. Never use ultraviolet sterilization lamp products emitting direct irradiation on expensive clothing, ornaments, calligraphy, painting and other valuables.

  • The surface of the lamp tube should be kept clean when using the UV disinfection lamp. It is recommended to clean the lamp tube regularly when not in use (usually every 2 weeks). When cleaning, please use a soft clean cotton cloth with a small amount of alcohol to wipe the lamp tube surface, remove the dust and oil.

  • A side effect of disinfection can be an abnormal smell, similar to that of the sun drying wet bedding, we recommend that spaces are well ventilated for 10-15 minutes following disinfection.

  • UV lamps should be properly protected after disinfection and placed out of reach of children, in a safe place.

  • Impact and strong vibration may cause the lamp tube to break. Should the lamp tube break, immediately turn off the power supply and dispose of the lamp, wearing protective gloves and according to your local toxic and harmful garbage rules. Should a lamp break, immediately open the windows for 10-15 minutes of ventilation.

  • Never disinfect areas with inflammable or explosive items as you may otherwise cause burning or explosion.

  • If the lamp tube needs to be replaced, replace only with the original brand of lamp tube and complete the operation according to the procedures in the user manual.

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