UV Disinfection Cabinet for Commercial And Residential Environments

High-power disinfection

The UV4C is a disinfection cabinet based on UV-C technology for the direct irradiation and disinfection of objects. It prevents the multiplication of microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria, yeast and fungi and, when used properly, leads to 99.9% disinfection of the treated objects.

Viruses, bacteria and mold are ubiquitous health risks. Compared to conventional disinfection methods, which are usually based on liquid or powdered chemicals, the disinfection principle of the UV4C is based on a purely physical process that triggers a bio-chemical reaction in microorganisms. The genetic material of the microorganisms irradiated by the UV4C with a wavelength of 253.7 nm is destroyed, which means that they die off or can no longer multiply. This ensures lasting disinfection of the surface.

The UV4C can be used for items such as cell phones, money, glasses, cosmetics, face masks, keys, headphones, etc.

The UV4C is equipped with a number of safety mechanisms which, when used properly, always guarantee problem-free and safe use.

Ultraviolet rays can accelerate the aging process of certain materials such as plastic, paper, fabrics, etc. Therefore, valuable objects should not be in the vicinity of a disinfection carried out using UV-C technology.

The UV4C can also be ordered as a UV4C-H with a heat function, with which the objects are dried at the same time during disinfection.




What is UV and UVC?

Ultraviolet light is a form of radiation and an invisible part of the electromagnetic spectrum. It has a wavelength between 100nm-380nm. UVC with a wavelength of 200nm-280nm has proved to be the most effective disinfectant wavelength in the UV Spectrum. As we all know UV Light is also found in sunlight.

GUVI uses the ultraviolet spectral wavelength 253.7nm. This belongs to the short-wave UVC spectrum and is an efficient and better choice for disinfection!

Technical Specifications
  • Ultraviolet Disinfection Cabinet

Light Source - W
  • 4W x 2

Light Source Lifespan
  • Max. 6000h

  • 100VAC~120VAC 50/60HZ & 220~240VAC 50/60HZ
  • Touch keys

  • Aluminum alloy and anti-UV organic glass

  • 253.7nm

  • UV disinfection
  • 440 x 365 x 630 mm

  • 10.8 kg

Cable Length:
  • 1.8m

  • CE, ETL, FCC

  • Disinfect daily use items: mobile phone, headset, mask, office stationery, makeup tools, and other items


  • Safety By Design - A motion sensor will detect any movement within 5 meters and immediately deactivate the lamp and sound an alarm.

  • Buzzer Alarm - indicates the end of disinfection can adjust the volume at will, suitable for different places

  • 3 Removables Shelves - For maximum flexibility

  • Fall Protection - Auto Power Off - When lamp detects a movement of more than 45°, it will automatically power off, thus preventing heat damage to surrounding objects, should the lamp fall over.

  • No Ozone - Safe and harmless – Leave no residue, Note: Only when used in accordance with manufacturer instructions

  • Quartz Glass Tube - Allows full transmission of ultraviolet light

  • High Quality Lamp

  • Only 30 W - Other units normally require 300-500 W

  • 6,000 Hours Long Life Tubes - Up to 36,000 times of use

  • Heating Functionality (Optional) - Dry your devices while disinfecting

Ultraviolet light can cause damage to eyes and skin. All personnel, animals and plants must leave/ be moved from the site during use.


  • The disinfection function can only be activated after the cabinet door is closed.

  • Valuables are not recommended to be put into the cabinet. Items may be discolored.

  • Inflammable and explosive articles are prohibited to be put into the disinfection cabinet.

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