ColorSource Linear

A long lineage of quality color

ColorSource Linear is a high-output, low profile strip light featuring the proven recipe of dual red, green, blue, and lime LEDs – the same mix as found in ColorSource PAR and ColorSource Spot. Unlike many effect-focused batten fixtures on the market, ColorSource Linear is designed for high-quality, high-output theatre-grade stage lighting.

Available in 0.5 meter, 1 meter, and 2 meter lengths, ColorSource Linear enables multiple fixtures to be mounted end to end with even spacing of their homogenized optics.


Long, light life

ColorSource Linear has been independently tested using the LM-84 standard. These tests have confirmed what we knew from the beginning: it is built to last! 55,000 hours. The math: if you ran a ColorSource Linear for three hours a day, seven days a week, all year long – we are talking about 50 years of light. That's a lot of beautifully-lit shows.



Color Integrity

ColorSource luminaires are factory-calibrated to ensure consistency. They feature a four-color mixing system offering bright, vibrant colors and perfectly-mixed pastels.

The thermal management algorithms built into every ColorSource fixture ensure that the colors you choose in rehearsal are the colors you get during the show.

Technical Specifications

  • 40 Lumileds LUXEON® Z LEDs (per segment)
  • Linear 1: 3,039 Max lumens
    Linear 1 DB: 2,978 Max lumens
  • Linear 1: 28.1 Lumens per watt
    Linear 1 DB: 27.6 Lumens per watt
  • L70 rating (hours to 70% output): 55,000 hours*


  • Linear 1: red, green, blue, lime
    Linear 1 Deep Blue: red, green, indigo, lime
  • Color mixing fixture
  • Calibrated array
  • No red shift

  • 14.5° (secondary lenses available for multiple beam-spread options)
  • Gate size: N/A
  • 7.5 in / 190 mm aperture size
  • No pattern projection
  • No pattern size
  • 1,200 Hz (default) and 25,000 Hz (via RDM)

  • 100-240 VAC 50/60 Hz
  • powerCON power in and thru
  • 35A / 35.6A / 67.5A at 120V (First half-cycle)
    49A / 85.6A / 153A at 240V (First half-cycle)
  • 9 cells (15A power thru connector)
    10 cells (R20 module or similar)
  • Linear 1: 115W at 120V / 112W at 240V
    Linear 2: 218W at 120V / 213W at 240V
    Linear 4: 438W at 120V / 426W at 240V
    Linear 1 DB: 110W at 120V / 108W at 240V
    Linear 2 DB: 218W at 120V / 214W at 240V
    Linear 4 DB: 440W at 120V / 428W at 240V
  • Linear 1: 0.95A at 120V / 0.48A at 240V
    Linear 2: 1.82A at 120V / 0.91A at 240V
    Linear 4: 3.68A at 120V / 1.82A at 240V
    Linear 1 DB: 0.92A at 120V / 0.46A at 240V
    Linear 2 DB: 1.82A at 120V / 0.91A at 240V
    Linear 4 DB: 3.70A at 120V / 1.83A at 240V

  • Ambient operating temp: 0°–40° C (32°–104° F)
  • non-controllable fan
  • Droop compensation
  • 24.8 dBa average at 1 m (each cell)
  • Linear 1: 392.38/ 382.14 BTUs/hour (120V / 240V)
    Linear 2: 743.82/ 726.76 BTUs/hour (120V / 240V)
    Linear 4: 1,494.46/ 1,453.51 BTUs/hour (120V / 240V)
    Linear 1 DB: 375.32/ 368.50 BTUs/hour (120V / 240V)
    Linear 2 DB: 743.82/ 730.19 BTUs/hour (120V / 240V)
    Linear 4 DB: 1,501.28/ 1,460.34 BTUs/hour (120V / 240V)


  • DMX512 via 5-pin XLR or RJ45 connector
  • DMX512/RDM
  • 4 modes for footprint
  • RDM configuration
  • UI type: Seven-segment, three-button interface
  • Local control
  • 12 Onboard presets
  • 5 Onboard sequences
  • No onboard effects
  • Fixture-to-fixture control
  • 15-bit virtual dimming engine

*Note about LED luminaire lifetime:
ETC utilizes a nationally recognized third-party lab for luminaire testing according to IES LM-84. See more


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how it works
ColorSource® Linear
ETC Fixture Product Manager Jim Uphoff introduces the ColorSource® Linear. This fixture, with its strip light form factor, uses the same proportionate recipes of red, green, blue, and lime LEDs as the ColorSource® PAR. The Linear fixture was designed to allow multiple fixtures to be mounted end to end with no visible break in light, and is available in original or Deep Blue array options.
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